About me

I was classically-trained by Russian-method teachers from the age of 6, and I play jazz. blues and popular styles. I have been teaching piano since 2006,  I combine formal and informal learning methods to suit the individual needs of the student. This means I can teach with or without sheet music, I record slowed-down demonstrative videos  for students to copy. I use Whatsapp groups to share homework and learning resources with parents and students. I embrace 21st century digital learning technologies and help students become digitally literate as well as accomplished musicians.
As a child I would compete in competitions and was awarded the Wellingborough School Music Scholarship in 1995. Following the completion of a MA at Swansea University, and an undergraduate degree at the Atrium Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries,  I was awarded the National Productivity and Investment Fund (NPIF) 3D3 studentship to undertake a PhD research project entitled 'Exploring and Developing Piano Tuition Online' at Falmouth University. This PhD research project explores and develops online  piano pedagogy, using all the latest music education technologies and runs until 2024. 
My goal is to create excellent musicians, quickly, whilst having as much fun as possible.

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